Top Ways to Improve the Quality of Life for Senior Citizens in Chicago & SE Wisconsin Suburbs

Considering our Community’s Older Adults and Those with Disabilities

Seniors, especially those with disabilities, deserve resources to promote the best quality of life as much as possible. With so much going on in the world today, however, older adults have been left with less available help from their families and friends. 

Whether you have a senior loved one in the family or are a senior citizen yourself, here are some ways to improve seniors’ quality of life as our society continues to heal from the health crisis.

Address Emotional & Mental Well-Being

Older adults have a long history of ups and downs throughout their lives. While dealing with the normal challenges in life, the last year and a half may have brought about many downs due to loss, mass isolation, and fear of the pandemic. 

Now is the time to share feelings, reconnect with society, and find moments to bond and nurture each other. Addressing signs of anxiety and depression by getting the appropriate professional help is important in the healing process.

Maintain Physical Health

Many seniors have held off on making certain health appointments the past year or longer. Now is the time to get back on track! Demand for appointments are on the rise, so make sure you get yours scheduled before they’re booked months out. 

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Take Part in Social Activities

Now that vaccinations have been rolled out and available to almost every age group, society has been moving back to normal (slowly but surely). Reconnect with old friends and family! Plan a visit or a fun outing with friends and family at wheelchair-accessible spots in the local area.

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Independence through Accessible Transportation

All seniors deserve a sense of independence, whether it’s simple tasks around the house or navigating through the city for their needs. There may be times when transportation is hard to come by, but private transportation services from BriteLift provide a solution that is easily managed and paid for, by passengers or family/caregivers. 


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