BriteLift Reward Points Program​

Reward Points with Every Ride.

Special Perks for the Local Community

BriteLift Reward Points

At BriteLift, we treat our passengers as part of our family, and our community.
By being part of the BriteLift family, you’ll get reward points with every ride.  Use your points to redeem gift cards
from Target, Amazon, and more! 

Joining is easy. Just text “JOIN” to 847-792-1212.

To check your points, text “POINTS” to the same number.

Easy as 1-2-3!

  • Step 1: Book a ride with BriteLift

    To book an immediate, or future ride: Call: 847-792-1212, Book online, or Use the BriteLift App.

  • Step 2: Collect Points

    Points automatically get added to your account every time you ride BriteLift.

  • Step 3: Redeem Your BriteLift Reward Points

    Check your points balance by texting POINTS to 847-792-1212

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Accumulate points with every ride and get rewards!

Advanced Reservation, Multiple Stops
& On-Demand Rides

With BriteLift you can reserve multiple rides in advance. You can manage all your rides online or with our mobile app. Reserving in advance means you’ll always have a dedicated vehicle at the exact time you need it.

We also strive to provide on-demand rides where possible. Call our customer service center to discuss your plans.

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  • Reserve rides in advance

    Select the exact time and date you would like to ride with us (whether days, weeks or even months in advance).

  • Share your ETA & live location

    See your vehicle on a live map the moment it is en route to pick you up. Then let friends and family know exactly where you are on your ride with the click of a button.

  • In app payments

    You don’t need to worry about surprise costs or carrying coins. All payments are made inside the app. We accept all major credit cards.

Contact our friendly team to discuss where you would like to go

We’re happy to answer any questions & help you book your next ride with BriteLift

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