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Wheelchair User Community Resources: O’Hare and Midway Airport Pickup & Dropoff

Wheelchair User Community Resources: O’Hare and Midway Airport Pickup & Dropoff

A Guide to Getting Around Chicago’s Busiest Airports for Wheelchair Users

Getting to/from Midway and O’Hare airports can become a problem when wheelchair users don’t have accessible transportation and available assistance from aides or family members. What challenges might they experience, and what resources can help make the journey a lot smoother?

Accessibility at Midway Airport

Being the smaller airport, Midway Airport is a fantastic hub for travel. It’s close to Downtown Chicago, making it easier for most of the traveling population to catch their flights. Its terminals are also wheelchair-accessible, although patients need to request disability assistance from the airline.

Also, with one square mile of land, travelers utilizing wheelchairs have to consider that runways are shorter. This means that wide body aircrafts don’t travel to Midway, which wheelchair users might want to take into account. Most airlines are required to transport only manual wheelchairs in the cabin, and battery-powered wheelchairs are usually too large and too heavy to be safely stowed. It should also be noted that smaller commercial planes do not have accessible lavatories.

Accessibility at O’Hare

As the world’s second busiest airport, it can be hard to get around O’Hare. With renovations being hampered by numerous circumstances, terminal buildings are crowded and wheelchair users will find it difficult to get around as they contend with other rushing passengers and service persons.

Wheelchair users can take their personal mobility devices to the boarding gate at either airport. Disability assistance is provided in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Air Carrier Access Act, however, this needs to be requested through your airlines prior to travel.

Transportation Options to the Airport

Both airports offer accessible parking located near ramps and elevators for motorists with disabilities. However, not all spaces provide sufficient height for traditional accessible vans so options are limited, especially during their busiest seasons.

Public transportation may also be difficult for most wheelchair users as not all provide accessible services, and delays can lead to missed flights. Booking with a private provider like BriteLift is not only a more practical alternative for airport transportation, but is also safer and more convenient.

A Little Extra Help Goes a Long Way

BriteLift drivers are trained and certified to go above and beyond, by providing passengers with not only transportation, but personal drop off and pick up from inside the airport. BriteLift passengers’ experiences have been described as first class, with needs being catered to with premium customer service and genuine concern.

Reserving a Ride With BriteLift

Booking is easy! Manage, track and pay for rides through the online booking tool or BriteLift App. You may also call our Chicago-based customer service team at 847-792-1212 any time, any day.

Booking Accessible Airport Rides for guests or patients?

Hospitals, Hotels, and other businesses take advantage of BriteLift Corporate Accounts

With wheelchair-accessibility at the forefront of our services, we ensure that rides are safe and smooth whenever individuals in wheelchairs need to catch their flights comfortably and on time. 

We provide free quotes through our online booking tool or through our Chicago-based customer service center which is open 24/7 to any questions or concerns you may have. For first class quality transportation with professional door-through-door services to the airport with BriteLift.

Our COVID-19 Response Ensures Safety

We make sure our vehicles are sanitized after every trip, all while practicing precautions in response to the global health crisis. Learn more about how we raised our standards in safety and sanitation COVID-19.

There’s a reason medical establishment teams, patients and their families, trust us with their transportation needs. See the difference with BriteLift when for medical rides around Chicago.

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As a locally owned and operated company, we take pride in forming a lasting professional relationships with local medical establishments, schools, facilities or any other industry with accessible transportation needs. We also cater to high capacity needs with buses that can accommodate ambulating passengers as well as wheelchair users.

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